For employers

SUPRA-PN is an employment agency in the sectors:
- metallurgical industry
The metallurgical sector is one of the most crucial branches of industry in Poland.
Supra-Pn provides skilled technical workers such as:
welders(Mig,Mag), (Mig 131), (RVS Tig 141)
foundry worker
CNC machine operators

- logistics
In order to distribute the products quickly, efficiently and to get attractive prices it is necessary to obtain optimum working conditions. To achieve this we offer you following employees:
order picker,
forklift driver,
truck driver.
- shipbuilding industry
Our company provides premium quality in construction, repair en maintenance service of luxury vessels. We only use high quality products and all work is done by professionals who have been in the industry for a long time.
We are able to provide our services at most of Europe marinas.

Our Services Include:
repair, renovations end refitting
polishing stainless steel polishing
engine cleaning
interior cleaning

We offer our customers regular maintenance service to keep their boats looking great throughout the year
If you need a qualified worker from the shipbuilding industry, we will help you to get one.
- Construction and building
Supra- Pn is a company bringing together contractors who have got long experience in the Dutch market. We carry out all projects related to finishing a house / apartment or business space. Our specialized staff guarantee the highest quality for a reasonable price.
We cooperate with:
installers: electrician, plumbers
We are able to make a total project for you.

If you need specialized workers for your business we will help you find them!
Our extensive reach grants us access to a wide variety of employees in many different sectors.
Our Agency takes over the whole recruitment process from its client. It is us who do all the attracting, screening and selecting the best candidates for a job specified by our client.
Our Work Agency guarantees:
reduction of the employers’ administrative work
cost free selection
flexibility in the selection of candidates
flexibility in forms of employment
legal employment
If you are looking for a specialized worker? Contact us.